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My Services

In addition to offering Psychotherapy via Telehealth for residents of states in which I am licensed, I am excited to offer supplements to traditional therapy through hybrid (online and in-person) Collective Healing Communities for ADHDers and Primary Dementia Caregivers. I also offer programs to help regulate the nervous system with the Safe & Sound Protocol, and I support grief and loss as a Grief Yoga teacher and a Grief Recovery Method Specialist. Workshops on Shame Resiliency are also offered, and customized workshops can be created for your specific needs. 

Pre-Covid, therapists tended to doubt whether online therapy and support groups could be helpful, if not harmful. Post-Covid, however, we now know online therapy and support work well! In fact, turns out there are several advantages to staying in your own safe space for therapy and not fighting traffic! Also Post-Covid, the vast majority of my clients preferred staying online rather than returning to in-person therapy, so currently, for Psychotherapy we're seeing clients online via Zoom.

In determining which help may fit you best, it's important to emphasize the differences in psychotherapy vs communities and programs and how it impacts the therapeutic relationship. For its protection, the therapeutic relationship is special and requires boundaries, including avoiding what's called a dual relationship. As such, any clients with whom I engage in psychotherapy will have the option to join one of our communities, but in doing so, we will have created a dual-relationship and must discontinue our therapeutic relationship. Program participation as a client can be a managed, but requires specific conversation about it and how it may impact confidentiality, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you determine participation in a community is best for you, then a referral for therapy is warranted and I will help you find another psychotherapist. Please note our communities work well in conjunction with psychotherapy. 

Below are the various modalities you may pick from to help you experience your change.


In therapy we include Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Informed practices in addition to Cognitive Behavioral and Talk Therapy. Talking can be very helpful, and yet at some point understanding the problem does not necessarily result in change. What makes real change is also building capacity to FEEL our emotions, and learning how to use them for what they were designed for, which is to help us make important life decisions. That's right...emotions are actually Tools in the Toolbox of Life helping to keep us safe and connected to our world, and NOT the enemies they've been made out to be.


We'll help you increase emotional intelligence and regulation, understand your nervous system, and increase capacity for the emotional experiences of your life. We'll work together to help you get to know your different and often conflicting parts of self, and how to integrate them for an empowered, authentic life. Together, we'll help your change from all angles, and do more than just talk about it! 

To schedule an Intake appointment, schedule here.

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Graduate-Student Intern, Allison Gilley, under Clinical Supervision 

With our unprecedented mental health crisis still looming, we are thrilled in the helping profession when new professionals join us in this work. At Experiencing Change, I am pleased to support Allison Gilley in Big Sky, Montana as a Mental Health Counseling graduate student offering Telehealth Services on an affordable sliding scale fee basis. Allison is a graduate student at Walden University, a graduate program accredited by CACREP, the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.


Allison is a counselor in training offering Telehealth mental health counseling for individuals interested in living their best lives. She believes that authenticity is the key to discovering one’s true self and the path to genuine happiness. She is passionate about assisting people in reconnecting with their authentic selves and understanding how their past experiences in life influence the present and the future. 


Allison prides herself on offering a safe and nonjudgmental approach to ensure her clients experience validation and overall mental health improvement. It is important to Allison to develop a trustworthy and positive therapeutic relationship with her clients. She maintains that developing the mind, the spirit, and the body are the primary components of tangible growth. 


Allison supports adult clients experiencing trauma from domestic and sexual violence, crisis management, depression, suicidal ideation, addiction, and gender dysphoria. She also works with clients looking for life strategies to develop their personal lives and career goals. Empowering the client to take control of their lives, Allison will give you the knowledge and tools to reclaim the person you were meant to be. 


Allison has lived in Montana for almost three decades. She understands the unique mental health challenges (and joys)of living in a rural, recreational state. Her contagious positivity and altruistic nature will support and guide you in your journey to living your best life! 


Partaking in the incredible beauty of Montana is her passion. Allison is an avid outdoorswoman, and her hobbies include snowboarding, nordic skiing, sailing, wake surfing, golf, horseback riding, fishing, dancing, and live music. She is a highly trained fitness coach working in the Big Sky fitness community. In 1995 she graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Forestry with an emphasis on outdoor recreation and education. Currently, she is completing a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Walden University.  


Beginning on May 29, 2023, she will be accepting clients. Contact her Supervisor, Marise Rowell, to schedule. 


Allison has joined the Experiencing Change practice to complete her practicum and internship. No insurance is accepted at this time. Sessions are available on a sliding scale fee basis.

Allison Gilley, Counseling Graduate Student Candidate, Big Sky, Montana
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Hybrid Online Support through Collective Healing Communities

Orientations & Approaches

While there was very little good that came from our collective Covid experience, one good thing that did happen was the true test for online therapies of all kinds and the realization that Telehealth and online communities not only work, they expand access to millions of people who otherwise had little to none. In fact, new organizations such as Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech are popping up and designed to do research as they support therapists in expanding their reach and beginning to make positive, shorter-term impacts on our mental health crisis. 

I am pleased to offer my own version of this vision for two communities. I've learned that traditional therapy models simply are not designed to provide the kinds of ongoing support necessary for these kinds of changes. These are realizing one's struggles stem from ADHD, and the other is for Primary Dementia Caregivers (PDCs) who are caring for their Loved Ones With Dementia LOWDs). For these populations, we've created what we're calling Collective Healing Communities through websites that offer 24/7 online access with support groups and activities and in-person gatherings as these communities build and members opt-in for access to regional and local contacts.


These are innovative communities designed to help individuals with ADHD and who are Primary Dementia Caregivers do with like-minded others what is very hard, if not impossible, to do alone! The truth of humanity is that we were never meant to face challenges and changes alone, as we are social creatures, and it really does take a village! Here, we're excited to bring these communities where you can find companionship, connection, and support as we release the pain of our struggles together as we move toward connecting with empowerment and love! 


Our Collective Healing Communities have a 14-day trial for a monthly cost of $27.00! That's right, for only $27.00 per month, you can join a network of new friends facing the same struggles you are and who want to hear your story as they share theirs and we all heal together.


We invite you to check us out and remember these communities work well in addition to therapy or on their own. 





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