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My Programs

Please note, these programs and communities are not psychotherapy but can be an excellent supplement to psychotherapy.

Dementia Caregivers & Famil Netwok

Dementia Caregivers & Family Network

Because Dementia is a family affair, it does take a village. Sadly, however, most families are too busy, and paying for care is too expensive; I'm here to provide a place of companionship, education, and advocacy for Dementia Caregivers everywhere!


My goal is to help you avoid becoming another Caregiver Casualty and what's called 'The Second Death,' which, tragically, way too many Primary Dementia Caregivers (PDCs) face due the isolation and so many other challenges we face on this path.

And help for PDCs is typically scarce and hard to find, much less afford! So, to address this need we're hosting a Collective Healing Community for Primary Dementia Caregivers where you'll find community, education, and support so you can live while surviving this Cancer of the Soul. 


Learn more and join this amazing support group by clicking below.

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Permisson To Be ADHD

Permission to Be ADHD

Opening in Fall of 2023, this is a monthly community subscription for ADHDers by ADHDers who understand what it's like to grow up with ADHD in a neurotypical world. By the time most of us are in middle-school, we've already learned to believe something's wrong with us, and started to feel pretty terrible about ourselves. And while tons of info on ADHD is out there on complicated things like RSD and ADHD Paralysis, little info exists on what to actually do about it.


Healing from these subtle yet painful experiences, often called "1000 little pin-pricks," is hard to do alone! We learned to dislike ourselves in relationships, and healing takes a village, which sadly is hard to find, much less maintain. To fill this void, we've created a healing environment where we can experience safety, belonging, and dignity as we rest and regroup, get empowered, learn, and grow together into our unique and quirky ADHD selves! 

To learn more and stay in touch, subscribe here and we'll let you know when we're opening our online "doors," so to speak!

At we've all been where you are, and know how hard it can be. We've got your back, so join us! 

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Grief Recovery Method

Grief and grieving are a part of life, and yet in our culture, we tend to not teach how to establish a healthy relationship with loss. In fact, we tend to teach how to accumulate and acquire status, stuff, and positions of power, but we do not tend to teach how to lose any of that. The problem is, however, loss is just as much a part of life as acquisition, so like the saying goes, "what goes up must come down," we can safely also say, "what we acquire we must lose." The Grief Recovery Method does just that...teaches us the correct steps to take to heal from the broken heart so many losses leave us with and to complete emotionally significant statements on what we could have done differently, better, or more before our loss.

Most of us know we grieve death and divorce all the time, and yet we also grieve over 40 losses throughout our lifespan and on a regular basis. To see a list of those losses visit Over 40 Life Experiences You Might Have that Cause Grief.

The Grief Recovery Method is offered on an individual basis in a series of seven sessions, and in Spring of 2023 I'll be offering an eight-week in-person group experience in Bozeman! For more information, feel free to contact me to discuss your options!

Part of the GRM process involves homework and purchasing The Grief Recovery Handbook, 20th Edition. It's readily available at most bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or at Grief Recovery Institute. Audio versions are also available; but because we reference page numbers, and it can be helpful to highlight text and takes notes, purchasing an actual hard copy is recommended. Online used copies may also be available. 

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Grief Recovery Method

Grief Yoga

Grief Yoga Class

Grief Yoga is a Somatic practice which facilitates the healthy expression and release of our most challenging emotions. Instead of suppressing and dissociating from our emotions, and let's face's what most global cultures tend to do, let's move this emotional energy through the body so we can release stuck stress and stay present to the truths of our lives.  

For Yogis, this is a new twist on an ancient practice, and if you're new to Yoga it is often done from a chair and anyone can do it!


Our Mission is using movement, breath, and sound to release struggle and pain and connect with empowerment and love.


Join us from anywhere online, or in-person in Bozeman, Montana.  

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Name & Tame Your Shame Gremlins

Name & Tame Your Shame Gremlins

Ugh...the "Sh" word. Nobody likes to say it, much less talk about it, but researchers have shown up to 90% of humans experience it in toxic ways. Shame is a primary human emotion along with sadness, anger, fear, and joy, and it designed to be healthy to repair ruptures in relationship and maintain civil society; but, in our compare-and-despair cultures they often become toxic, like those gnarly Gremlins from one of Speilberg's first films in 1984. 

These Shame Gremlins are formidable foes and lead to a host of mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, and it can be argued most all mental health "disorders." So, when it comes to overcoming them there's bad and good news.


The bad news is toxic shame really can be compared to those nasty Gremlins in the movie. They are relentless and do not quit, so taming them is a painful, messy process! It's hard to realize the roots of our toxic shame, and it's a messy process of three-steps-forward followed by two-steps-back. But, the good news is thanks to shame researchers we know how it works, and we know how to beat it! 

I can't tell you it's easy to Name and Tame your Shame Gremlins, but I can tell you it's possible, and when it happens, it's a very powerful way to experience change! 



Saf & Sond Protocol With Focus

Safe & Sound Protocol 

Discover how a provider used the Safe and Sound Protocol to help Matthew, who is diagnosed with ADHD, become better at recognizing his emotions and body sensations in stressful situations, and initiate calming strategies to regulate his emotional responses. Plus, learn how collaborative parent education and connection can have a positive impact in the healing journey.

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a non-invasive listening therapy for your client’s unique journey to better nervous system regulation. SSP is an evidence-based therapeutic tool designed to reset the nervous system and return it to safety. Designed to work with other therapeutic approaches and modalities, the SSP features specially filtered music that stimulates the vagus nerve. Suitable for children and adults, the SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, and much more.


How Does It Work?

The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is the only practical application of Polyvagal Theory, and is designed to improve sound sensitivities and auditory processing, behavioral state regulation, and social engagement behaviors through specially-filtered music.

The SSP allows for the repatterning of neural networks and improved regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) for lasting change. Based on hierarchical recruitment of the ANS, the SSP trains the middle ear muscles to tune-in to cues of safety signaled by the frequencies of human voice, which stimulates the social engagement system through the neural network associated with listening.

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