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Informed Consent Addendum to Mighty Networks Terms of Use

When purchasing the Dementia Caregivers & Family community through Mighty Networks, you agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, as well as the following:

As a condition of my participation in the Dementia Caregivers Network (DCN) Online Community (the “Community”), I hereby agree to:

  • I understand and agree the Community is not therapy by licensed mental health providers; rather, it is a community-based educational and support opportunity through coaching programs by persons and professionals who've gone through it, or have witnessed others go through it

  • I understand and agree to avoid any and all illegal, inappropriate, and/or unsafe behaviors with or toward members participating in the community. In fact, I agree to help keep all members safe by immediately reporting to the Community Manager, Sophia Buffalino, any and all suspected illegal, inappropriate, and/or unsafe behaviors and/or activities with or about any members, and I will immediately notify law enforcement if necessary. I also understand and agree any and all suspected or perceived illegal activity will be reported immediately to law enforcement, which may be Federal if it is across State jurisdictions.

  • I understand and agree that, as an online community coaching/support forum, confidentiality will be requested and encouraged, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality of your identify, content, and activities in the Community. We can, however, require we treat each other with respect as we bring safety, belonging, and dignity to Dementia Caregivers everywhere, which generally includes trust amongst us that what’s shared in here, stays in here.   

  • I also understand and agree if I think or feel I need licensed mental health support, I can and will of my own initiative seek appropriate support and my own providers, such as by visiting, searching for local or regional crisis support centers, and seeking medical attention when necessary. 

  • I agree to not hold DCN or its owners, managers, affiliates, members, and any other related parties responsible for my mental health needs and expressly acknowledge DCN is not providing any professional counseling or therapy and no medical or therapeutic relationship has been created with you by DCN or any of the participants in the Community.

  • I understand and agree this is an innovative, new program, and as such I can expect technological issues and content that will be in draft form and edited live throughout the first year until December, 2023. 

  • I understand and agree if canceling my monthly subscription, cancellation will be effective on the day of request with no prorated refunds for that month. Similarly, if canceling an annual subscription, cancellation will be effective on the day of request with a pro-rated refund based on the remaining months of the annual subscription, starting with the 1st day of the following month of cancellation. No refunds will be issued for expired months which were already paid.

  •  I understand and agree that any and all physical activities in which I participate, including Grieving Healthily Yoga, Retrocise, and other physical dance and movement-oriented practices, is of my own free will and agreement. I am able to safely and beneficially participate and have full capability to determine, assess, and decide when not to participate based on my individual abilities and needs. I also understand and agree if I am harmed in any way by my participation, I will take personal responsibility and I will not hold Experiencing Change, LLC, and/or, and/or any and all other current and future subsidiaries, employees, partners, and affiliates, etc., responsible for any undesirable consequences or side effects, whether foreseeable or not.  

  • I understand and agree that all material including posts, topics and articles, groups and rooms, courses and webinars or seminars, and all other content from by Dementia Caregivers Network and Experiencing Change, LLC is under Copyright Laws. Proper citations are allowed, but plagiarism is a crime and is thus not allowed.

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