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My Zoom video telehealth platform is Hippa compliant to protect your confidentiality. Simply go to Zoom and enter Meeting ID 406 219 5600, which is my phone number; no passcode or email invite necessary. I'll let you in when it's time for your session!

How It Works

Please note, my programs and communities are not psychotherapy but can be an excellent supplement to psychotherapy.

Let's get you started by using the form below to contact me with your availability over the next few days for a 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs, our scope of practice, and whether we have what's called "a good fit" for you.   


Intakes are billed to insurance at my standard billable rates, and they will determine what they call my "allowable amount" and pay based on that number, and your plan determines whether or not sessions are covered, at what percentage, and with what co-pays are leftover for which you are responsible. Click Here for questions to ask when talking to your insurance company. 


If you are without health insurance, contact me to discuss private-pay and cost-sharing communities and programs. We have lots of ways to help you experience change!

You are taking a huge step for yourself, and I look forward to meeting you and helping you experience change!

Please note to protect your confidentiality, my email is HIPAA compliant and will require you create and save a password for us to communicate about confidential info through email.  

Contact Box

Reach Out -- Tell Me About Your Needs!





P.O. Box 10114 Bozeman, MT. 59719-0114

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