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Rates & Insurance

Private Pay Rates

Rates and ability to use your insurance vary based on the services you are seeking. See below for a breakdown of each, and feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to discuss your options. 




Psychotherapy is the only service for which I can bill insurance, but I cannot bill for the Intern, Allison, at this time. 


Please click here to read about the pros and cons of using insurance. 

To understand the differences in psychotherapy versus communities and programs, click here.


I bill the insurance companies for Psychotherapy at the rates listed below, but they tell me what I can charge through their "allowable amount." Then, your plan determines whether you need first to meet the deductible, if and how much they will cover for the specific codes by which we bill insurance for services (see below for codes), and whether you have a co-payment due after insurance coverage for which you are responsible. 


If you do not have nor wish to use insurance, Marise also offers private pay rates. Contact her to discuss your options. 


Currently, Marise is in-network and accepting new clients with the following insurances providers:


   Blue Cross Blue Shield


   Pacific Source

   Mountain Co-Op

To talk with Marise and schedule an intake, contact me.


Graduate-Student Level Intern, Allison Gilley 

The fee for psychotherapy sessions with Allison is $40 for individual counseling. Family and couples therapy will be available by Fall 2023. Many clients choose this option if they need insurance, can't afford to use their insurance, or are on a limited budget. 

You can schedule with Allison if your needs are within Allison's scope of practice and approved by her clinical supervisor. Everyone qualifies if you and Allison feel your therapeutic relationship is a good fit. Anyone can use this option for counseling. There is no cap or limit on the number of sessions a client can use other than academic policies that prevent ongoing sessions between semester breaks; however, you may continue with Allison once that break is over. Clients can see an intern once per week until further notice.

If interested in this option, contact Marise to get started and specifically request the graduate-student intern and her availability. 


Program Pricing

Please note, these programs and communities are not psychotherapy but can be an excellent supplement to psychotherapy.

For Programs NOT Covered by Insurance:


Grief Recovery Method 7 Week Online One-on-One Program: 

 $100 per session, $700 total for private pay (or, if you are in individual psychotherapy, this program can be included as part of your comprehensive treatment plan and billed as Psychotherapy.) 


Grief Recovery Method in-person Groups: Coming to Bozeman soon! Sign up here to keep in touch and learn more. Experiencing Change landing page here.


Grief Yoga Individual Sessions and/or Group Sessions:

Coming in June 2023!

Safe & Sound Protocol:

SSP Intake: $150

SSP Connect: $100 per month with minimal support and unlimited access, $195 per month with one session and unlimited access

Classical Calm

Five hours of full-spectrum classical music is a suggested first step for clients who need to adjust to the experience of listening to music via headphones, especially vocal music.

Classical Flow

SSP Connect Classical Flow includes non-vocal, classical music tracks thoughtfully selected and sequenced to mirror the human voice. These include symphonies, concertos, serenades, waltzes, and sonata, using primarily Mozart for their inherent flow and ease.    


SSP Core – $995 Individual Package Price

Five hours of total listening time, with SSP Provider support. Listening and subsequent meeting and/or check-in times will be discussed and planned with your provider after your first listening experience. 

SSP Balance - $100 per month with minimal support and unlimited access, $195 per month with one session and unlimited access

SSP Balance offers an integrating experience and the opportunity to extend the state-regulating benefits beyond the five hours of SSP Core.

SSP Balance: Classical Flow

An accessible, trauma-sensitive program of lightly filtered classical music.

SSP Balance: Adult

SSP Balance offers an integrating experience and the opportunity to extend the state-regulating benefits beyond the five hours of SSP Core.

SSP Balance: Child

SSP Balance Child offers an integrating experience and the opportunity to extend the state-regulating benefits beyond the five hours of SSP Core.


SSP Groups:

Coming soon. Click here to stay in touch! 



Please see the section below about the pros and cons of using your insurance and what to ask your company when you call. Please read it all the way through, as it is the client's responsibility to know their insurance benefits and be responsible for the amount their insurance company does not pay due to deductibles, co-pay, or co-insurance.


These are the codes Marise may bill for Psychotherapy. Use these when talking to your insurance company.

  • 90791: Intake 

  • 90832: 16-25 minute session (for brief consultations)

  • 90834: The traditional 45-50 min session (we will use this if your plan does not cover 90837)

  • 90837: The traditional 60-minute session (this is my most common billing code)

  • 90847: Family with the client present. (This can apply to couples, but ask about it as some companies will not cover couples therapy) 

  • 90846: Family w/out client, can also be used as parent sessions

  • 90785: Interactive complexity, when extra time is necessary to complete a session

  • 90839: Crisis session for suicidal or homicidal assessment and possible intervention) 


See client forms for details in our Informed Consent for Psychotherapy and Practice Session forms and our Insurance Information Form to use when calling your company.

Please note it is the client's responsibility call their insurance company and check benefits before the first session. Knowing your insurance benefits can be very helpful, and clients are responsible for full fees if insurance does not cover sessions. Sometimes, clients might have a 3rd party help pay for co-insurance, co-pay, or a high deductible, and this must be arranged in advance before Intake can proceed. All forms of payment including insurance, private pay, or 3rd party pay must be arranged before Intake.


If a client chooses to use their insurance and the therapist is not paneled with that specific plan, the client's therapist will expect full payment up front and will provide the client with a receipt or superbill (Monthly or Quarterly) for the client to submit to their insurance company on their own for out-of-network providers. The client is responsible for seeking reimbursement from the insurance company, which may sound complicated but is often quite effective! Call your insurance company for support.  

Collective Healing Communities

Certain populations have needs that traditional therapy comes close to but just does not quite meet. These include those with ADHD, and Primary Dementia Caregivers, who both need more ongoing support with easy access to others who can validate their experiences and share their stories. Together, these communities provide safe, like-minded spaces where we learn, share, and care our way through the changes we're experiencing, whether we want them or not!


To make these programs most accessible, these communities are hosted online through Mighty Networks for monthly or annual membership subscriptions. 


Dementia Caregivers Network: Only $27 per month! Now Open! To learn more, click here.

Permission to Be ADHD: Opening in August of 2023! Click here to sign up and learn more. 

Insurance Pros & Cons
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