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How to Experience Change

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Change truly is inevitable

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Maintain your personal empowerment

In life, change is inevitable. Sometimes we want it, and sometimes we don't. Sometimes it comes easy, and sometimes it's among the hardest thing we'll ever try to do.

A central theme inherent with change is uncertainty, which, well let's face it, we humans just don't like very much! And yet, learning to tolerate uncertainty while maintaining our sense of empowerment is among the most important skills we can develop in this lifetime.

Connection is key

Another central theme inherent in change is companionship and connection with safe others in our lives who will witness and support our change. While Western culture tends to value autonomy and individualism, the truth is Western neuroscience itself has shown over the past few decades how much we actually need each other. We humans were never designed to face change alone; yet, in our busy, divided, and judgmental world, that's often what we are forced to do.

Identify your needs

A final theme inherent in experiencing change is its varying needs, which are not always best served by traditional therapy approaches. For reasons ranging from accessibility to the nature of companionship and connections needed for facing various kinds of change, several approaches are helpful and give YOU, the client, choices in how you want to be supported as you experience your change! ​

Reach out to start experiencing change

Many options are available to help you experience change. I look forward to getting to know you, your wants and needs, and how we can support your change journey!

To learn more, explore services and programs, then contact me to get started!

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